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Hearty Chicken Soup with Tulsi | Recipe

Winter is undoubtedly upon us in Australia, as a cold snap crosses our country and unfortunately, that also brings with it colds and the flu. Our favourite way to boost our defences and strengthen our immunity is with a hearty Chicken Soup, and this one has a special ingredient for that extra boost! Our new immunity blend, TULSI.

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DETOX Organic Ice Tea | Recipe

DETOX is a slimming cleanse fan favourite here at LTC, and even better, you can enjoy it hot or cold. We love that this is a great recipe to make bulk and keep in the fridge, especially for those hot summer days!   What you need | LTC Detox Tea 4 Cups Filled With Ice Kettle Tea Pot Mint Leaves [Optional]   Method | Add 1 litre of filtered water to your kettle and boil While the kettle boils, prepare your tea pot. If you have a smaller tea pot (less that 1L), you can make this recipe in smaller batches). Place your strainer in your tea pot and then measure out 4g of DETOX Tea, (roughly 2 tsp). And...

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