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Celebrating the Women who raise us | 10 Minute Read

I have always enjoyed tea especially herbals, there is something about filling the pot and sitting with your favourite people, sharing the benefits of a beautiful brew as well as your troubles and joys. It's been very healing and this was instilled in me at a young age. 

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Benefits of going organically Green

We are glowing with excitement with the release of our new organic LTC tea, GLOW. Some of you have already heard the news if you keep up to date on our socials, but if you haven't, we're thrilled to introduce GLOW, the LTC Organic Green Tea. Green tea is recognised around the world as the most beneficial tea to drink daily. It helps to support brain health and function and with its powerful antioxidants and micronutrients that naturally occur in plants, so thats why we are couldn't wait to share all the health benefits of GLOW!

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Easter Gifting | 3 Min Read

  What's your first thought when you think of Easter food? Do you go straight to chocolate Easter eggs? GLOWIf you answered 'yes' like 85% of the rest of our LTC followers (we did a poll on Instagram recently) then we're really not too different from you here at LTC. That is why we wanted to curate a gift that will help cut back on the sugar overload for those who can't stop themselves from indulging in all the chocolate over Easter (and beyond) or for those who can't have chocolate (we see you).Cue, the LTC Easter Gift Bundles; Combining the perfect pairings of an organic wellness blend and one of our crystal tea infusers which we believe will serve...

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