Winter RADIANCE is here | 4 Minute Read


What to name a tea with some amazing health benefits, but the real highlight was the deliciously smooth taste? When naming our latest organic wellness blend, this was certainly a struggle because the flavour is one that's much more indulgent than your traditional herbal tea. How? We know it's hard to take in. Vanilla and cinnamon on their own make this rich brew, smooth, but with the spritz of peppermint, well, these three herbs are the foundations for a dynamic and organic treat. And where does this fit into your day? Well, we think this brew is the perfect way to compliment any meal or stop a sweet after-dinner craving [of the maybe not-so-healthy kind] in its tracks. But don't be fooled, it's not a "sweet" tea, but it has the foundations similar to a decedent dessert, that's for sure!

Now, as if the dreamy taste wasn't enough, let's call Iramasu and Ramara to the stage. These ancient Sri Lankan herbs have been passed down for generations due to their medicinal benefits, and in true LTC style, we have sourced these herbs from certified organic farming plantations. Both have been picked by female artisans and then hand-blended to bring together this relaxing yet powerful ray of sunshine in a teacup.

Now, if you were thinking this is simply a dessert tea, we're here to tell you that with this powerful combination of organic goodness is so much more than that, and great for any time of the day. Plus, now you've got the backstory, let us introduce you officially to our all-new organic wellness blend, RADIANCE.

Let's dive a little deeper into why Ranawara and Iramusu are perfect for releasing your winter RADIANCE and helping you shine bright from within.

With its ability to hydrate while detoxifying the body, Ranawara will help promote radiant-looking skin. It also has powerful hydrating and detoxifying properties and works to support gut and skin health. Healthy inside = healthy outside.

You will find Iramusu among other powerful medicinal herbs, and rightfully so. Traditionally recognised as a coolant, it can help promote skin complexion and support other skin conditions. With rich antioxidants and detoxifying properties, it can also help to regulate menstrual cycles and has also been suggested to help blood purification.

Pow-er-ful! So we hope you understand now that while we may suggest this tea is the perfect after-dinner indulgence, with all of the amazing health benefits of RADIANCE, you have to know that you would be missing out if you didn't enjoy this new brew morning, noon and night. 

Now to the best part! Over the last few months, we have released a powerful trio of teas, GLOW, TULSI and now, RADIANCE. We love to make things easy for our community, so we've bundled the goodness and are also launching alongside RADIANCE our 'Winter Radiance' bundle. With our three new brews, a remarkable number of health benefits and, of course, a bundle of savings, we can't wait to 'bundle' these up and deliver them to your door. [Or give them to the postie to deliver to your door]. Find out more about, or shop our Winter Radiance Bundle here. Or click here to add RADIANCE to your cart. We cannot wait for your to try this new blend. She really is remarkable.

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