RESTORE | Organic Anti-Inflammatory
RESTORE | Organic Anti-Inflammatory

RESTORE | Organic Anti-Inflammatory

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Our RESTORE tisane is a potent traditional blend of organic herbs & spices, all with pain-relieving & anti-inflammatory properties. RESTORE has been specifically blended to help flush out excess toxins within the body.


Why we love it.

RESTORE is LTC's founder's favourite and is great for anyone that has inflammation in the body. The duritect flushes out all the extra (the things we don't need) as well as toxins out of the body helping to restore your natural balance.


Turmeric, Ginger, Liquorice Root & Lemongrass.


We carefully selected the very best inflammation fighting Ayurvedic herbs to create our RESTORE, this is our superhero mix and if it's inflammation you're fighting, then we suggest you drink this hot or cold to help.

We Recommend RESTORE.

Anytime you are in need of some pain-relief and anti-inflammatory action, this natural and potent mix of organic Ayurvedic herbs is made to help soothe and calm your body.


Steep 3 - 5min   |   Temp 100c

Our entire organic tea wellness blends range are available in loose leaf, or as biodegradable tea bags. The great news!... We only use the highest grade of tea leaves so you're getting quality, rich tea. This means that LTC tea bags can be used multiple times, depending on taste. Or brewed again using a tea infuser or strainer.


One More Note From LeaLa Tea Co.

Please seek advice from your healthcare professional to ensure our wellness blends are safe to use in conjunction with your prescribed medication.