Tulsi | Organic Holy Basil
Tulsi | Organic Holy Basil

Tulsi | Organic Holy Basil

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With powerful and diverse medicinal and spiritual properties, it’s no wonder TULSI has been coined “Holy Basil.” Drinking TULSI regularly will boost your immunity, and when it comes to fighting the common cold, the flu or dealing with respiratory ailments like asthma, you’ll find a cup will help soothe and relieve uncomfortable symptoms like phlegm or a cough. Enjoy the goodness of this immunity boosting elixir day or night and taste the organic difference.


Why we love it.

The powerful healing properties of Tulsi, or "Holy Basil" have been proven over thousands of years, and that's comforting.


Certified Organic Rama Tulsi.

The Hero. ORGANIC RAMA TULSI (AKA. Holy Basil).

This Ayurvedic herb hero comes with diverse healing properties that bring a natural organic boost to your immunity and can help soothe the symptoms of the common cold, flu or respiratory ailments.

We Recommend TULSI.

Day or night, as a daily staple, especially during the changing seasons. TULSI is a great immunity booster and this Ayurvedic tea's natural anti-microbial properties may help beat the infection causing respiratory problems, as well as to boost your body's defences by enhancing immune responses.


Steep 3 - 5min   |   Temp 100c

Our entire organic tea wellness blends range are available in loose leaf, or as biodegradable tea bags. The great news!... We only use the highest grade of tea leaves so you're getting quality, rich tea. This means that LTC tea bags can be used multiple times, depending on taste. Or brewed again using a tea infuser or strainer.


One More Note From LeaLa Tea Co.

Please seek advice from your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or breast feeding before taking Tulsi.